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Server Information

Server Location

Country : Canada,US

Player Commands

@go @ii @memo @mi @ignore @request @whodrops @whosell @time @uptime @changeleader @alootid @showexp @autotrade @commands @homtalk @hominfo
@homstats @accept @reject @duel @invite @leave @gstorage @mobsearch @pettalk @whereis

Key Features

Instance/Dungeon Raid, God System, Storyline Quest, Secret MVPs, Secret Quest,Jailbreak,NPC Quest,

Server Feature

Healer, Job Changer, Buff Npc, Pre-Renewal Have Rebirth/Trans 3rd Job
Skill Resetter, Stat Resetter, Field Warper, Custom Maps, Floating Exp Rate, Town Warper, Card Remover, Battleground, Cient Side Security.

Primary Language

English, Tagalog, Etc.

Server Rate

Base Experience : 10000k
Job Experience : 10000k
Common Item Drop Rate : 50%

Secondary Drop Rate

Equipment: 50%
Card: 10%
MVP Equipment: 50%
MVP Card: 3%

Quest Experience: None/Optional

Max Level : 500
Job Level : 120
Max Stats : 500
Max ASPD : 197
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