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Terms of Service

Please read before creating an account in our server.

1.Member's Agreement:
Note: When you get caught ingame live by a GM in GM Team, you'll be ban for several days, or permenently.
Note 2: We have many @commands that gives a better gameplay.

The very basic of InfinitusRO community is respect.If you don't have respect from other player, he will likely report you, so please avoid any toxicity.
Don't be rude and use bad words (Example: fuck).
Any sign of rude behaviour or bad manners and being provoking towards other players is not tolerated.
If you have a question, ask them well mannered behaviour.
If you have an answer, answer it politely, or else just go away and say nothing.
Help each other, and don't ignore other player. Work together and have fun.
Use english, we are an international server.

Do not insult someones relatives, group of players etc.
You are not alllowed Swear other players.

4.Do not Exploit Bugs in the server:
If you find a way to perform a task in-game that bypasses the normal requirements of the task, and you take advantage
of this shortcut, then you are exploiting a bug. If you find a bug, please report it on the forum. An already found bug are not allowed to be exploited either,
so if you get reported of using it, watch you, because you will get banned for it.
And we likely reward you for finding that bug/s.

5.Off-site Links:
Don't post other Website URL(s) or Link(s).
We don't want it.

6.Do Not Scam or Cheat Other Players:
Scamming is intolerable. Don't offer a player a MVP Card and it really isn't, or trick a player to give his zeny and steal it. We won't think twice to ban your account.

7.No spamming and flooding:
Do not spam sentences repeatedly.
Do not flood the chat for everyone (example: S> Item , S> Item , S> Item , S> Item)
Other player can't read thier chat if you flood the chatbox.

8.Dual Client.
Do not Dual Client in Pvp so you could gain some kills, is someone sees you and report we won't think twice to temporary or pemenently ban you.

9.Additional InfinitusRO Notes:
We do not investigate cases of account hacking (including: stealing characters, items, zeny, coins etc.) if more than
1 person knew the password to the account. Do not give your password to anybody! We do not recover items or zeny lost by user's fault.
A.This includes cases like:

B.Items were accidentally dropped on the ground

C.Items (zeny) were accidentally given to a wrong person

D.Items were accidentally sold to an NPC

E.Items were broken during upgrade attempt

F.The character was deleted by user, but the user forgot to unequip items (zeny)

Other resembling cases

G.And we won't give you the lost item if you are scammed or got hacked.

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